Agenda for October 5

10.30 – Chair: Sandra Saer


Opening Prayer

Apologies for Absence

Review of Resolutions

11.00 – Speaker: Bishop Dr Gavin Ashenden

11.30   Question & Answer

12.00 – Speaker: Vasantha Gnanadoss

12.15 – Revd Dr Peter Mullen [cancelled 02.09.18]

“I am sorry to say that I shall not be able to attend next month’s meeting after all…[Archbishop] Welby and [Bishop] Warner are persisting in a monstrous miscarriage of justice…”

12.15 – Sister Frances Dominica [to be confirmed]

12.30 – Questions & Answer

13.00 – Lunch break

14.00 – Speaker: Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey of Clifton

14.30 – Question and Answer

15.00 – Speakers: Revd Patsy Kettle and Revd Dr Jules Gomes [to be confirmed]

15.30 – Speakers: Revd Canon Professor David Jasper and Ruth Hildebrandt Grayson

16.00 – Question and Answer

16.30 – Summing Up: Sandra Saer

17.00 – Closing Prayer


Feb 1 – Resolutions

(1) Archbishop Justin Welby to apologise for his ‘significant cloud’ concerning Bishop Bell

(2) Bishop of Chichester, Martin Warner, to invite Barbara Whitley, Bishop Bell’s niece, for a face-to-face meeting. 
(She has already requested such a meeting.)

(3) Chichester Cathedral’s Dean and Chapter to restore the name of 4 Canon Lane  to George Bell House

(4) Chichester Cathedral’s Chancellor and Canon Librarian, the Rev’d Dr Anthony Cane, to permit the reinstatement of Bishop Bell’s portrait and plaque

(5) Chichester Cathedral’s Dean, the Very Rev’d Stephen Waine, to correct page 37 of the Cathedral Guide: Society and Faith

(6) The General Synod to undertake a Full Debate at the earliest opportunity, regarding the serious implications arising from Lord Carlile’s Report