Christopher Hoare

Dear Archbishop,

I would far rather be writing to support you than attacking you, but sadly your attitude in persisting that there is still ‘a significant cloud’ over Bishop George Bell is so inexplicable that I am persuaded to send you a copy of an unpublished letter I wrote to The Chichester Observer.

At a local level I have made it known to Dean & Chapter that the £50,000 that I had left to Chichester Cathedral, will not be forthcoming until a building, now known as 4 Canon Lane, has its name restored to George Bell House .

It is the hope of many of us, upset by your the denial of natural justice to a highly respected Bishop, who had been dead for half a century and was unrepresented, that you will appreciate how your own position will be in jeopardy if you fail to recognise that in the light of Lord Carlile’s Report, there can be no justification for perpetuating the paedophile myth.

Yours regretfully,

Christopher Hoare.

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