Draft agenda

Right-click the image to download a PDF copy of the final agenda with additional speakers and revised times, which supercede the earlier draft agenda, below.

Please note that the doors will open 15 minutes earlier than originally scheduled, to ensure that the conference can start promptly.


Doors open
tea and coffee

Welcome from Chair Sandra,
followed by
Apologies and Good Wishes
opening prayer – Canon Ivor Smith-Cameron

Resolutions read from Chair

David Hopkinson on The Making of George Bell House
Q and A discussion


Pam Dignum

Pam Dignum on Bishop Bell from a Cathedral Guide’s point of view
From the 50th anniversary in 2008, through October 2015, to the present day, Cathedral Guides have lived through fundamental changes in how the Cathedral presents Bishop George Bell.
Q and A discussion

Geoffrey Boys

Geoffrey Boys on Bishop Bell and ‘Mistaken Identity’?
Q and A discussion

12.45-2.15 lunch


Peter Billingham on The Drama of Faith: George Bell & RADIUS
Professor Peter Billingham explores George Bell’s commitment to Drama and Faith in the modern world. Bell founded the Religious Drama Society of Great Britain just over a century ago.

Marilyn Billingham on Gustav Holst, George Bell and the Whitsuntide Festivals
From 1916, until he died in 1934, the composer Gustav Holst (and his daughter Imogen) worked with Bishop George Bell to produce a series of Whitsun Weekend music festivals that brought together working people and the well-to-do in previously unimaginable ways.
Q and A discussion

2.45-3.15 tea and coffee

Ruth Hildebrandt Grayson

Ruth Hildebrandt Grayson on Bishop Bell’s Living Memorial.
On 3 October, the anniversary of his death, Bishop George Bell is commemorated in the Church of England as ‘ecumenist and peacemaker’. What can we do to ensure his work, especially his deep concern for refugees, is carried on as a worldwide living memorial to him?
Q and A discussion

4.15 Summing up from the Chair

4.30 closing prayer – Bishop Gavin Ashenden