The Rebuilding Bridges conference is an initiative to bring together people who are committed to restoring Bishop Bell’s place in history, for the future.

Chair: Sandra Saer is a poet and writer, as well as editor and publisher of SMH Books. Her company offers a small list of country- and Christian-orientated books, including Flowers in the Window – a collection of life-enriching memories and illustrations, mainly contributed by friends at the Parish and Priory Church of St Nicholas, where Sandra worships, and assists at Services. She is the head of a large Christian family.

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Co-ordinator: Richard W. Symonds (MCIPD) established the Bell Society – not to be confused with the George Bell Group. He is co-writing a biography on philosopher C.E.M. Joad. His main interests are Christian philosophy and Motivation. Richard describes himself as: “a man of many parts, most of which don’t work – especially the ears.” He is deaf, so there will be Communication Support, which may also help others with similar communication difficulties.

For any further information or clarification, please contact Richard using the contact form below.

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