Response to Bishop Gavin Ashenden from AD

It seems that the conference shows there is energy and determination for justice.
I quote Bishop Ashenden:
If George Bell were really guilty of sexually interfering with a young girl behind the scenes in the Palace in Chichester, it would require him to have a split in his personality that would verge on the schizophrenic.
This is the exact point I have raised more than once. It is about the forensic analysis of Bishop Bell’s psychiatric profile.
Re point 160 of the Carlile Report where Carol’s psychiatric profile was examined by Dr Freedman.
Dr Freedman clearly fully followed the instructions she received, to provide an assessment of the damage suffered by Carol on the basis that her allegations were entirely true
The underlining is mine, to emphasise core group’s assumption of the allegations as true in instructing and directing the expert opinion. This diviates from the advice of the consulting lawyer
Paula Jefferson advised that it would not be sensible to accept Carol’s evidence without questioning it through an independent expert. Point 158
The core group (Ms Emmott) did not do this. [That is] she did instruct to Dr Freedman to report in a neutral context but requested Carol’s allegations were as accepted as the framework of the psychiatric report on Carol.
This reinforces the lack of parity in process in using a an expert to give one side (Carol’s) without equally asking an expert opinion to examine archival evidence of personality disorder from everything recorded  about or written by Bell. Is it possible to ask for an independent psychiatric assessment on a deceased person from the all records and sources available?
I will support  Ruth Hildebrandt Grayson’s project